Twisted Herbz Silver Cone Holder

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This sleek yet weighty Cone Holder by Twisted Herbz is the ultimate in luxury smoking equiptment. Beautifully designed to store one pre rolled cone, this solid sterling silver cone holder is a must have for any cone smoking enthusiast. Modern day storage for todays concerning smoker. Expertly crafted from solid sterling silver the cone holder has a snug fitting clip off lid with a smooth domed top. All in the entire Twisted Herbz cone holder is a beautifully made and will fit any pre rolled tip up to 110mm long.

What is White Rhodium? White Rhodium is one of the worlds most expense precious metal and is used extensively on plating metals such as silver and gold. White Rhodium is silver in its colour, and is often described as a white hard metal. This makes it ideal for plating onto silver, it does not tarnish as much as silver, as well as protecting the silver due to it hardness.

  • Twisted Herbz Silver Cone Holder
  • Pull Off Lid
  • Fits Kingsize & Regular Cones
  • White Rhodium Plated
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Length: 115mm - 11.5cm
  • Packaged in Individual Brand Boxes
  • Makes a Perfect Gift
  • Hallmarked For Authenticity
  • Weight: 34 Grams
  • Made from Solid Sterling Silver


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