Twisted Herbz Black Ruthenium Rolling Paper Stand

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Twisted Herbz Smoking Accessories are made for a lifetime, they are expertly crafted using the very best materials. Herbz are the twisted spice of life!

What is Black Ruthenium? Our pure silver is plated with black ruthenium, which is part of the precious platinum metal family. Ruthenium is an extremely hard, highly resistant to scratches as well as being aesthetically pleasing due to its shine. Its is also rare and more expensive than a lot other metals.

We Sell Only Genuine Branded Twisted Herbz.

  • Twisted Herbz Silver Rolling Paper Stand
  • Rolling Papers & Blunts
  • Black Ruthenium Plated
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Length: 110mm - 110cm
  • Height Curve Barrel: 20mm - 2cm
  • V Stand Height: 20mm - 2cm
  • Width of the Barrel: 30mm - 3cm
  • Packaged in Individual Brand Boxes
  • Makes a Perfect Gift
  • Hallmarked For Authenticity
  • Weight: 115 Grams
  • Made from Solid Sterling Silver


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